Pink Diamond Collection

Symbolizing love and romance, the pink diamond range is highly sought-after by diamond lovers all over the world. Peruse our pink diamond selection and perhaps you might find the perfect touch of pink!

At Langerman Diamonds natural colored diamonds are our passion. With 50 years in the business and over 300 colors in stock, we advise our clients on buying natural color diamonds for investment, jewelry or collection.

Pink diamonds are one of the most popular and more sought after color diamonds and can command astronomical prices under the hammer. A pink diamond can symbolize so many things… Of course we’re mainly thinking about love and, just as love itself, we could say that the cause of the mystical pink color in a diamond is unproven. Although just a theory, these gorgeous stones are thought to obtain their beautiful pink color due to a process known as ‘plastic deformation’, when the atomic lattice is distorted due to intense pressure and heat. These beauties are best set in pink gold because the gold color helps accentuate the diamonds natural beauty. For more advice on setting your pink diamond, contact us now and we can customize something truly gorgeous! is a window to the biggest collection of natural color diamonds for natural diamonds lovers and collectors.

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