Purple Diamonds - Rough

At Langerman Diamonds natural colored diamonds are our passion. With 50 years in the business and over 300 colors in stock, we advise our clients on buying natural color diamonds for investment, jewelry or collection.

Purple diamonds send our thoughts to royalty and spirituality and we’re certain that they give class and sophistication when added to a custom made jewel. We at Langerman can assure you that if your pick is a purple diamond, you will be in possession of something unique and rare. In fact, purple diamonds are so rare they’re almost non-existent! But no need for despair, we still have some purple stones so be fast and browse our collection now. Otherwise, if you want to join the noble ranks, design a handmade jewel with one of these marvelous stones to give you that sheen every one seeks in their jewelry box. We’ve created this lavender purple diamond ring with the aim of inspiring purple color lovers. For more setting ideas, go to our jewelry section and let us know what appeals to you.

Langerman-diamonds.com is a window to the biggest collection of natural color diamonds for natural diamonds lovers and collectors.

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