Champagne Earrings Beat $100,000 Estimate Achieving $962,500

Rare Investment Report – Following-up from last week's Cognac (Champagne) diamond record that achieved 13 times (USD 2.3 million) its estimated price at auction, Rare Investment just received exclusive news from a Christies correspondent that Taylor's Champagne Diamond earrings beat it's $100,000- 150,000 ... Read more

Important Cognac Diamond Sells for World Record

Rare Investment Newsletter – After a fierce bidding war amongst collectors and global investors, an extremely important Cognac (Champagne) diamond achieved a world record price of USD2.3 million, twenty times its estimate of USD180,000.00 Cognac diamond pricing just made diamond history as the late ... Read more

Christie's says sale of Taylor jewellery is 'the most valuable auction in history'

Auction house Christie's reported that the first sale of items from the collection of Elizabeth Taylor was "the most valuable jewellery auction in history", achieving a record $115,932,000. Christie’s said the sale set the tone for the highly anticipated four-day series of landmark auctions ... Read more

Colored Diamond Jewelry, a New Trend in India

Bangalore: Coloured diamonds speak of a luxury that’s rare and unparalleled. The Hope Diamond that’s a natural blue diamond or the 185-carat natural pink Darya-i-Nur, bears ... Read more

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