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Monday 6th February 2017

How I like using melee diamond

What we call melee diamonds are those tiny round diamonds that are often used to surround the center stone of a ring, or to make pavé settings. Melee diamonds are just what you need if you want a stone to look bigger or emphasize its color.

If your goal is to make your color diamond look bigger, the trick is to surround it with small diamonds of the same tone. Adding a few millimeters of yellow melee diamonds around a 0.50 carat yellow diamond, for instance, will visually at least double its size.

 If you want to enhance the color of your diamond, you will have many choices, because in that case, it’s a question of color harmonization and contrast. Personally, I love to do this and try for instance to find the right melee diamonds that will make the warm tones of an orange diamond stand out even more, like in the ring below. This is when I enjoy my job the most: it’s truly exciting to find the perfect combination of colors.

Melee diamonds are frequently used in pavé settings as well. Here, their sparkling effect can be amazing and possibilities are endless. For example, you can use a pavé of melee diamonds instead of using a solitaire and get the effect of a big stone. This is good to know when you just can’t afford a heart shaped Fancy Pink diamond, for instance.

You can also create rainbow like effects using subtle color nuances or contrasting colors. It’s really a question of personal taste, but I am convinced that you will get inspired if you look through the melee diamonds and the jewelry section of our website.

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