Natural Color Green Diamonds

Natural green diamonds are a stunning and rare choice, known for their enchanting hues ranging from mint and lime, to Deep Green. These diamonds acquire their mesmerizing color through natural radiation and the presence of certain elements during their formation. Sourced from the finest mines across the globe, natural green diamonds are a symbol of luxury and exclusivity.

Natural Color Green Diamonds

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FAQs about Natural Color Green Diamonds

What Is A Color​ Diamond?

Color diamonds are those that exhibit a distinct and natural color, such as the various green shades offered at Langerman. Our natural color diamonds maintain their hues without any treatments, unlike colored diamonds, which may undergo artificial enhancements

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How Do Green Diamonds Get Their Color?

Geological processes naturally infuse vibrant and eye-catching colors into natural green diamonds during their formation. Some green diamonds obtain their color primarily through natural irradiation. The diamond’s exposure to radiation while still buried deep within the earth alters the diamond's crystal structure, enabling them to absorb light in a way that produces their green coloration.

Elements such as nitrogen and hydrogen can also influence the hue and intensity of green in diamonds. It all depends on their concentration within the crystal lattice.

How Are Green Diamonds Priced?

The value of green diamonds is influenced by the 4Cs—Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat  The rarity and intensity of the green color significantly impact their value. Green diamonds will often have secondary hints of yellow, gray, or blue, which can impact their price making them more accessible.  This makes them highly sought after by collectors and luxury jewelry enthusiasts.

Are Green Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Yes, natural green diamonds are genuine diamonds with 100% natural coloration. No treatments or enhancements create their green color, ensuring each stone's authentic uniqueness.

What Shades of Green Diamonds Are There?

​​At Langerman, we offer an exquisite array of green diamonds for sale. We provide diamonds in shades such as Mint, Lime, and Olive. Each shade presents a different aspect of green. They range from light green diamonds with a soft, pastel tone to vibrant deep greens that command attention.

  • Mint Green Diamonds: These diamonds showcase a pale, refreshing green that resembles mint leaves. Ideal for those who appreciate a subtle touch of color.
  • Lime Green Diamonds: Radiate a youthful and vibrant energy with their bright, citrusy hue. Ideal for adding a splash of lively color, lime green diamonds capture the essence of zest and vitality. 
  • Olive Green Diamonds:  feature muted, earthy tones that evoke olive groves. Olive diamonds can be a mix of yellowish green or brownish green resulting in a deep and intense tone.
  • Deep Green Diamonds: Akin to the rich, deep green found forests. These diamonds are both rare and incredibly striking.

What Are Some Notable Green Diamonds?

While not as universally recognized as other color diamonds, natural green diamonds have graced various prestigious jewelry collections. Green color diamonds are admired for their unique beauty and rarity.

  • The Dresden Green: Perhaps the most famous green diamond, this historic gem weighs approximately 41 carats and boasts a deep green color.
  • The Aurora Green Diamond: Known for its remarkable size and color, the Aurora Green is a 5.03-carat diamond. It famously set a record at auction for the highest price per carat for a green diamond.
  • The Gruosi Green Diamond: This diamond is notable for its deep green color and substantial size of 25 carats. Crafted by de Grisogono, it is a rare and magnificent example of a natural green diamond.
  • Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Ring: Adding to the allure of green diamonds in popular culture, Jennifer Lopez’s new engagement ring from Affleck features a stunning 8.5 ct green diamond. As a celebrity J LO brought more attention to green diamonds making them a desirable choice for those seeking standout, luxurious jewelry. 

Where Do Green Diamonds Come From?

Green diamonds are typically found in regions known for their rich deposits of color diamonds. These precious gems are most commonly sourced from Brazil, Central Africa, Australia, as well as several notable locations in India, Zimbabwe, the Central African Republic, South Africa, and Guyana, each of which is renowned for its unique contributions to the variety of green diamonds available.

Brazil is celebrated for its vibrant and diverse ecosystem, which extends to its mineral riches, including a spectrum of natural color diamonds. Brazilian green diamonds often showcase a bright and vivid green, reflective of the lush landscapes of the region.

Zimbabwe and the Central African Republic are prolific sources of green diamonds. The diamonds from this region are typically characterized by deep, intense greens, thanks to the specific geological conditions prevailing in this part of the continent. Central Africa's mining areas are often remote, making the extraction process challenging, yet the quality of the diamonds found here makes it a worthwhile endeavor.

Australia contributes uniquely to the green diamond market, particularly with stones that display subtle green hues, often tinged with yellowish or bluish overtones. The Australian outback, known for its rich mineral deposits, provides an ideal environment for the formation of these exceptional gems.

South Africa and Guyana also play roles in the supply of green diamonds. South Africa, with its long history of diamond mining, occasionally produces green diamonds that are treasured for their rarity and beauty. Guyana's contribution is smaller but significant, with its lush terrain occasionally yielding these rare gems.

Each of these locations not only supplies green diamonds but also adds to the global diversity of these stones, providing collectors and enthusiasts with a range of qualities and shades to choose from. This geographic variety enriches our diverse collection, ensuring that each green diamond is not only a reflection of individual beauty but also a representation of its native earth.

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