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Among the most coveted colored diamonds, natural pink diamonds hold a special place. Pink symbolizes love and romance, and most of our collection of pink diamonds primarily originates from the renowned Argyle Mine in Western Australia. Valued for their rarity, natural pink diamonds are highly prized for their uniqueness and investment potential, making them exceptional additions to any collection.

Natural Color Pink Diamonds

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FAQs about Natural Color Pink Diamonds

What Is A Color​ Diamond?

​​Color diamonds, often referred to as fancy color diamonds, are gemstones that exhibit vibrant hues beyond the traditional colorless range. These diamonds derive their colors from chemical impurities, structural anomalies, or exposure to natural elements during formation.​​​ 

​​​Want to know more about the history of diamonds? Use our diamond encyclopedia to discover the origins of diamond colors and learn about the grading process.​​ 

What Is A Natural Pink Diamond? 

Natural pink diamonds are amongst the rarest and most coveted color diamonds. There are numerous hues associated with pink diamonds, including fancy pink, fancy orangy pink and fancy deep pinkish brown. Their unique coloration, their association with love and romance, and their scarcity, make them one of the most sought-after diamond colors.

How Expensive Are Pink Diamonds? 

Natural pink diamonds ​are​more expensive than colorless diamonds or other more accessible colors such as brown diamonds. The pricing of a diamond takes into account four crucial factors, commonly known as the 4C's: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carats. The intensity and purity of the diamond's hue (Color), its ​transparency/flawlessness​​​ (Clarity), the precision of its cut (Cut), and its weight measured in carats (Carats) all play pivotal roles in determining its value. 

Are Pink Diamonds Real? 

Yes, our natural pink diamonds are real diamonds. When a diamond is labeled as “natural,” it indicates that no treatment has altered its color. Pink diamonds stand out as unique because, unlike other color diamonds, they lack trace elements. Instead, their pink hue results from distinctive qualities and distortions in the diamond’s crystal lattice, shaped by intense heat and pressure after the stone's formation.

What Shades of Pink Diamonds Are There?

​​There are several hues associated with pink diamonds​. The ​Gemological Institute of America's (GIA)​​.​classifies colors based on their intensity such as ​Deep Pink, Fancy Pink, Vivid Pink, and Intense Pink. ​​​Among our inventory, you’ll see a broad range of pink diamonds that includes all these variations.​​​​Furthermore, you will see ​that pink diamonds commonly have a ​secondary modifying color ​that can be ​purple, orange, yellow, or brown​. At Langerman we name the colors with natural terms that will help the visualization. Some of our pinks include ​baby pink, raspberry, and burgundy. These modifiers ​contribute ​​to ​the nuances of our range of pink diamonds. These variations not only evoke sentiments of love and romance but also allow for a personalized choice that resonates with the unique personality of the diamond's recipient.

What Are Some Famous Pink Diamonds? 

Pink diamonds are some of the rarest and most sought-after diamonds in the world. Here are some of the most famous pink diamonds: 

  1. The Pink Star Diamond, weighing 59.6 carats, ranks among the world's largest pink diamonds. It set a record, selling for a staggering $71.2 million at a public auction in 2017, marking it as the priciest colored diamond ever sold. 
  2. The Graff Pink Diamond, formerly owned by Harry Winston, fetched $46 million at a public auction in 2010. Laurence Graff acquired and transformed it, re-cutting and re-polishing it into a breathtaking rectangular cut. The result: an internally flawless, vivid pink gem. 
  3. The Daria-i-Noor, also known as the “Sea of Light,” is one of the world's largest pink diamonds, weighing approximately 182 carats. Believed to originate from the Golconda mines in India, it holds a significant place in diamond history. 
  4. Noor-Ul-Ain Pink Diamond, part of the Iranian Crown Jewels, ranks among the largest pink diamonds globally. Discovered in India, this diamond weighs around 60 carats and is a part of the Iranian crown jewels. 

Where Do Pink Diamonds Come From? 

Our collection of pink diamonds comes from ​mines​worldwide. This includes the renowned Argyle mine in Australia, a major source of the world's pink diamonds. It is noteworthy to mention that, as of 2020, the Argyle mine has closed. While our inventory proudly highlights the legacy of Argyle, we ​also have​pink stones from ​​Canada, Brazil, and India, ensuring a diverse selection of high-quality​ stones​.

How Expensive Are Pink Diamonds?

When you look at pink diamonds for sale, you will find that the price changes significantly based on size, color intensity, and overall quality. Smaller, less vivid pink diamonds tend to be more affordable, while larger, intensely colored diamonds command higher value.  Pure pink diamonds command higher prices, but the presence of secondary colors like yellow or brown creates gorgeous, interesting hues that can also be more accessible in price. From very light to very deep pinks, there’s a Langerman pink diamond for every taste and budget.

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