Friday 12th June 2009

Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt at Northern Jutland

Anyone off for Northern Jutland this weekend? I'm showing my jewellery at the Aquilon Artfair (in the new exhibition center in Pandrup - read more at Come and find a new way to enjoy jewellery Discover the world of rough natural colour diamonds - integrated in jewellery or just as they are, in a silver couture bowl, designed to house them Discover the world of natural colours of the Tahiti pearl and the Cortez pearl (from the Mexican Gulf) - let me tell you about the oysters that give them life and bring out their beauty, a magnificient Gifts from the Earth and the Oceans - handled with care and love Looking forward to seeing you (The attached photos show rings with Cortez pearls; a necklace of gold coming with rough natural colour diamonds) Enjoy,
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