Thursday 1st April 2010

Christie's predicts 'Sensational Six' jewels to sell for $25 million

International auction house Christie’s has announced it will be selling what it describes as ‘The Sensational Six’, a selection of six gems at a jewellery sale in Hong Kong on June 1 where it hopes to take advantage of increasing interest in high-quality jewels.
The items include a 5.01-carat fancy vivid blue VS2 heart-shaped diamond ring with a pre-sale estimate of $4.8 million-7 million, and a pair of ear pendants set with 2.48-carat and 2.03-carat fancy deep blue heart-shaped diamonds and 10.12-carat D VS2 and 9.61-carat E VS1 pear-shaped diamonds with a pre-sale estimate of $3.7 million-$5 million.
In addition, there is a Kashmir sapphire and diamond bracelet, circa 1960, by Cartier with a pre-sale estimate of $3 million-$5 million, and a 10.05-carat D IF old cushion-shaped Golconda diamond ring estimated to sell for $1.25 million-$2 million.
There will also be a four-strand natural coloured pearl and diamond necklace, with a pre-sale estimate of $1.2 million-$2 million, and a single-strand jadeite bead necklace with an estimated pre-sale price of $6.4 million-$10 million.
'The Sensational Six' is estimated to sell for a combined total of around $25 million.
“It is with great pride that Christie’s offer ‘The Sensational Six’ to the discerning collectors of today’s market," said Vickie Sek, Head of Jewellery, Christie’s Asia. "To feature one world-class jewel, be it jadeite, a sapphire, pearl, white or coloured diamond, is a joy but to offer such a spectacular group together is an honour. These exceedingly rare, beautiful, jewels will light up the global jewellery stage this spring,” she added.
Before the sale in Hong Kong, ‘The Sensational Six’ will be on view in New York, Shanghai and Xiamen in China, Singapore, Geneva, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Taipei.
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