Thursday 16th September 2010

Unusual Bulgari Blue Diamond ring. Dazzling Bulgari Blue Diamond to sparkle at Christie's auction

The Bulgari Blue Diamond, a two-stone diamond ring designed by the Italian jewellery company in the 1970s, is likely to be the highlight of Christie's auction Jewels: The New York Sale on October 20.
The ring features a triangular-shaped, colorless diamond of 9.87 carats paired with a triangular-shaped fancy vivid blue diamond of 10.95 carats – the largest fancy vivid blue diamond of this cut ever to be offered at auction. 
Fancy vivid blue diamonds of this size are among the rarest of colored diamonds — with only one in about 10 million possessing a colour pure enough to qualify as “fancy vivid”. 
The ring will be priced upon request for prospective bidders, but is expected to achieve in excess of $12 million and is positioned to become one of the top-selling diamonds at auction in 2010.
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