Saturday 11th December 2010

Mexican firm hopes diamond-set bottle of tequila will sell for $3.5 million

The Hacienda La Capilla bottle of tequila.
A stiff drink from the specially created bottle of tequila will set buyers back a substantial amount.
November 25, 2010
A Mexican distiller has come up with what it believes will be the world's most expensive tequila - in a platinum and diamond-set bottle.
Hacienda La Capilla's 1.3-litre ceramic bottle has a 2.3-kilo layer of platinum and is set with more than 4,000 diamonds with a total weight of 328 carats.
Hacienda La Capilla’s pedigree is good since it is already the record-holder for the most expensive tequila with a bottle that sold for $225,000 in 1996.
The distiller said it hoped the bottle would sell for $3.5 million.
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