Friday 10th February 2012

Take the Leap and Propose!

Tradition has it that Leap Day, occurring every four years on the 29th of February, is the only day that women are allowed to propose marriage to their loved one. This practice goes all the way back to 5th century Ireland, where St Bridget complained to St Patrick about women having to wait so long for a man to propose. St Patrick heard her complaint, and declared that women would henceforth have the right to propose to a man once every four years, on Leap Day.

The first documentation of this tradition dates back to the 13th century, when a law was supposively introduced in Scotland to confirm this right for women to propose to a man of their choice on this day. To make sure this was effective, it is said that a sanction was even introduced – any man who refused a proposal from a woman on this day had to pay a fine, anything from a kiss to a pair of gloves or a new silk dress.

To celebrate this tradition, we have put together a selection of rings for men. So ladies, hurry up if you want to take the chance to propose marriage to your loved one this year! There is still time to have a custom jewel made in time for Leap Day. And fellows, you’d better say ‘Yes’ – or start searching for some pretty amazing gloves to soften the blow.

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