Tuesday 7th January 2014

Indian Exhibition to Feature Diamond-Studded Taj Mahal

Jan 1 2014 5:34PM By: Diamond World News Service- An exhibition of gems and jewellery taking place in Gujarat, India will feature more than just diamond companies and jewellery manufacturers. An eight-feet-tall replica of Taj Mahal, studded with gold, silver and diamonds along with a Ganesh idol made from 182.53 carats rough diamonds, will be the major attractions at Sparkle International 2014. The iconic Taj Mahal, perhaps the best-known example of monumental architecture in India, was recreated using more than 50,000 diamonds. It took 45 days for around 15 artisans to make the Taj, which has a diameter of 50 feet and is valued at over $162,000.
Besides Taj Mahal and Ganesha, Gandhiji's charkha studded with diamonds will also be displayed at the annual gems and jewellery exhibition starting at Sarsana Convention Centre on January 2. The Taj replica will be auctioned during the exhibition and the amount earned would be used in social services.

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