Thursday 9th April 2015

Trend-spotting for the Bridal Jewelry in 2015

"Professional Jeweller" gets to the bottom of this year’s bridal jewelry trends, tackling the changing nature of customers and the delicate balance between classic styles and contemporary design.

Brighton-based jewelry retailer Goodman Morris has noticed a surge in rose gold sales among its customer base, as well as interest in its more unusual colored diamonds. Goodman Morris owner and founder Nicky Morris explains: “Chocolate diamonds have been a big thing for us, as well as rose-cut stones. I think chocolate diamonds have a lovely rich color, which works well in combination with rose gold.” She continues: “Over the last 10 years we’ve shifted from that really engineered white metal look to warmer yellow gold and now rose gold. I don’t know if that’s as a direct result of fashion jewelry, but we’ve had a massive increase in rose gold sales.”

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