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Wednesday 17th October 2012

Pink diamond era nears its end

AAP, The West Australian WA's world-famous Argyle Pink Diamond source is trickling to a halt in what will be the inevitable end of an era for global luxury jewellery manufacturing, an industry specialist says. A sparkling keepsake for royalty and the rich, the pink diamond is "a ...
Friday 12th October 2012

Argyle pink diamonds in a unique exhibition at Kensington Palace

Jewellery News AsiaRio Tinto’s rare Argyle pink diamonds were presented in a unique exhibition at Kensington Palace on October 9. Titled "Out of the Vault: Pink Diamonds and Royalty," the exhibition featured more than $60 million-worth of pink diamond jewellery, the diamond ...
Friday 5th October 2012

Rio Holds Special Tender

Rio Tinto launched a ''Specials Tender,'' which showcases fine rough diamonds, greater than 10.8 carats, from a year’s worth of production from its three operating diamond mines in Australia, Canada and Zimbabwe. The collection is comprised of 94 lots of diamonds with wide array of colors ...
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