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Friday 30th November 2012

9.46 Carat Blue Diamond Sells for $4.5 Million

(IDEX Online News) – Lucara Diamond Corp. sold a 9.46 carat blue diamond for $4.5 million or $477,272 per carat (p/c) at its latest sale of goods from the Karowe diamond mine.The tender, which consisted of 52 lots totaling 56,982 carats, generated an average of $300 p/c for a total sale's...
Friday 16th November 2012

When Is A Diamond Not A Diamond?

Rare Investment Report - The recent news of the Popigai crater in eastern Siberia containing “trillions of carats” of "impact diamonds" said to supply the diamond market for three thousand years has received a fair share of attention, however, as the story unfolds, credible ...
Tuesday 13th November 2012


DIAMONDFACTS.ORGWhat are ‘conflict diamonds’?‘Conflict diamonds’ is the term used to describe diamonds which are illegally traded to fund conflicts. In recent times, conflicts in some of the poorest parts of Africa have often focused on rebels controlling their ...
Monday 5th November 2012

Rio Tinto’s Rare Pink Diamond Auction Sparkles

By Robb M. Stewart Demand for rare and pricey pink diamonds continues to soar, with Rio Tinto’s annual auction of gems from its Argyle mine in Western Australia attracting an unprecedented level of investor action. There was very strong bidding for this year’s collection of 56 ...
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