Monday 19th December 2016

A Blue Diamond Unearthed in Australia

[Langerman Diamonds] A blue diamond has been unearthed from Merlin Diamond Mine in the Northern Territory of Australia. 

"Although only a small diamond at 0.124 carats it does demonstrate the potential for valuable colored diamonds at Merlin and is believed to be the first blue diamond produced at Merlin," the miner said in a statement.

Merlin Diamonds Limited is the owner of the Merlin Diamond Mine, in the Northern Territory, Australia. The Merlin Diamond Mine is the second largest diamond mineral resource and reserve in Australia. 

Blue diamonds are by nature among the rarest of natural color diamonds, and supplies are becoming scarcer and scarcer as the only mine in the world that produced really pure blue diamonds, in South Africa, has dried up and closed. The Cullinan mine and Golconda region are the most notable areas where blue diamonds have come from. One of the most famous natural blue diamonds is the Hope Diamond, weighing 45.52 carats. 

  The Blue Hope Diamond  - Fancy dark grayish-blue  


Blue color is mainly due to the presence of boron. The higher the concentration of boron atoms, the more intense the color will be. For some greenish blue diamonds, the color can also be due to radiation, that was present in the earth during their formation. In very rare cases, grayish blue color has also been found to be caused by the presence of hydrogen.



Natural Fancy Light Blue Diamond 0.11 Carats     &     Natural Fancy Blue Diamond 0,22 Carats - Langerman diamonds 


By YDCDL - Langerman Diamonds
Sources & Images courtesy: Merlin Diamonds / Smithsonian Institution - Chip Clark / Langerman Diamonds. 


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