Friday 10th September 2021

Christie’s Auction Selling Marie Antoinette’s Diamond Bracelets

Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva  that will take place in November will have as the main piece a pair of diamond bracelets that belonged to Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), former queen of France.  The queen originally purchased the bracelets in 1776 for 250,000 livres, a huge sum at that time, the auction house noted.

These historic  bracelets are composed of  112 diamonds, are were originally purchased by the queen in 1776 for 250,000 livres, a high sum at that time. Of the pieces traceable back to the Queen of France, these bracelets are the only ones to  include diamonds belonging to her and to still have kept the exact design described in the Brussels inventory.

Christie’s expects to garner up to $4 million for a pair of diamond bracelets.


Read more details on Chirstie’s Press Release

Picture courtesy: Christie’s


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