Tuesday 26th March 2019

Diamond Services Introduces New Technique to Detect Rough and Polished Lab-grown Yellow Diamonds

[Mining.com] "Diamond Services, a Hong Kong-based developer of tech systems for detecting lab-grown, imitation and treated diamonds has created a new device aimed at amplifying the range of detectable merchandise to include all rough and polished stones in the lower yellowish-to-light-brown colour ranges. 

According to developer Diamond Services, this is the first device capable of identifying the yellowish gems together with the colourless to near-colourless range of diamonds. The way it works is that the system scans the rocks at the temperature of liquid nitrogen as opposed to examining them at room temperature". Read more about the DND device. 

This story first appeared on www.Mining.com.



Tags: Lab-grown, Imitation, Treated diamonds, Hong-Kong

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