Thursday 15th December 2016

Four Masterpieces Exhibited in Los Angeles

[Langerman Diamonds] Tomorrow, Dec 16, 2016 a new exhibition "Diamonds Rare Brilliance" will open In the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM).

According to the the museum, “the exhibition will bring to light the rare properties of colored gemstones, the science behind natural colored diamonds, and how the interplay of light and chemistry gives diamonds color”.


Four masterpieces will be exhibited:

The Juliet Pink, a Fancy Intense pink diamond of 30.03 carats, rated VVS2,one of the highest ranks in terms of clarity. Categorized as a type IIa diamond it has no nitrogen impurities and is really an exceptionnal beauty of nature.

The Juliet Pink


Fancy Deep Grayish Bluish Violet diamond


The Argyle Violet, one of the largest violet diamond, rich in hydrogen and nitrogen, unearthed from the Argyle mine. Polished from an 9.17 carat rough diamond in a Fancy Deep Grayish Bluish Violet diamond of 2.83 carats 



The Victorian Orchid 
Fancy Vivid Purple diamond, wheighing 1.64 carats, type SI2 with a different color grade than the violet or pink diamonds.  Purple diamonds are extremely rare and are historically thought to come from Siberia. The last decades some purple diamonds have been unearthed in the Argyle mine. Some purple diamonds are dichroic and will thus display, depending their inclinaison, two different colors.


Fancy Vivid Purple Diamond




The Rainbow Necklace made of various colored diamonds (from 0.4 to 0.8 carats) including Blue-grey (extremely rare), green-yellow, orange-pink, purple-pink, brown-orange diamonds.


Rainbow necklace - Natural Color Diamonds 


Exhibition: December,16, 2016 - March, 19, 2017

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County


Images Courtesy: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County


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