Friday 8th September 2017

Polished diamonds flirt with rough diamonds

At Langerman Diamonds we have always had a crush on rough diamonds flirting with polished diamonds.

The natural colours, the textures and the shapes of rough stones are captivating and several of our customers enjoy wearing everyday their unique jewel with rough diamonds. It becomes a part of their body.

Jewels with rough diamonds are always stunning. The shapes of rough stones add a special dimension and give birth to beautiful compositions, just like pieces of art.

We can not resist to share with you pictures of the latest collection of The Beers. The «Lotus Collection» presents an artful blend of rough and polished diamonds in an array of shapes and cuts resulting in wondrous jewels. 

De Beers Rough and Polished Diamonds Earrings 

 Oval shaped diamond couples to a pear shaped diamond through a cacade of colored rough and polished diamonds.


 Natural Rough Diamonds - Lotus Collection De Beers 

  A 18.79 carat bluish green rough diamond with a pear-shaped diamond



Rough Diamonds Lotus Collection De Beers

Arrangement of rough and polished diamonds with a  6.06 carat pear-shaped diamond. 


Picture courtesy: De Beers
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