Sunday 23rd May 2021

Sakura Diamond Sets New Auction Record

On May 23rd Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction took place in Hong Kong totalling over US$76 millions. The 15.81 carat Sakura diamond, named after the cherry blossoms color,  set a new world-record price for purple-pink diamonds being sold at US$29.3 million for a private buyer. It became the largest purple pink flawless diamond ever sold at an auction.

Another well known diamond, The Sweet Heart, a fancy vivid pink, heart shaped, 4.19 carats was also sold at the auction for US$6.6 million, US$1.6 million a carat. 

The auction finalized with a total of US$76.8 million, the biggest-earning Christie’s jewelry sale of the last few years.

To more know more details about this auction check  Christie's Press Release 

Picture courtesy: Christie’s

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