Monday 4th June 2018

Strong Demand for Yellow and Brown Diamonds at the Latest Christie's Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels Sale

[Langerman Diamonds] An impressive selection of color diamonds was auctioned at the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale in Hong Kong. Besides the top lot, a 8.01-carat, fancy vivid blue, pear-shaped diamond, this spring auction also featured superb fancy shades of natural yellow, brown and orange diamonds: 

  • An important ring with an oval-shaped, GIA certified, fancy brown-yellow diamond, weighing approximately 30.08 carats, mounted in gold.  (US$ 381,690)
  • A diamond ring set with GIA certified novelty-cut diamonds: a 5.73 carats fancy yellow-brown, SI1 diamond and a 5.54 carats W to X range, light brown, SI2 diamond. (US$ 72,047)

  • A stunning pair of colored diamond ear pendants designed as a quatrefoil set with circular-cut multi-coloured diamonds. The eight diamonds weighing approximately 1.74 to 0.52 carats are rom fancy deep to fancy, brown-pink, pink-brown, orange-brown, brown-orange, yellowish orange, brownish yellowish orange and brown-yellow colour, VVS2 to SI1 clarity according to the GIA reports. (US$ 44,829)

  • Diamond ring set with three certified natural fancy color diamonds. A 1.79 carats circular-cut fancy deep brownish orangy yellow diamond, flanked by a 1.06 carats similarly-cut fancy dark yellowish brown diamond and a 1.04 carats fancy deep brownish yellowish orange diamond, mounted in gold. (US$ 44,829)

  • A brooch designed as a marquise and pear-shaped multi-coloured diamond fan, with circular-cut diamond trim, to a triangular rose-cut diamond handle, suspending two chain tassels each with a triangular-shaped orange diamond or a pear-shaped pink diamond terminal - coloured diamonds not tested for natural colour -  mounted in gold. Size: 5.0 cm. (US$ 51,234)




By YDCDL - Pictures courtesy: Christie's

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