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Monday 23rd May 2016

Sotheby’s Sells ‘Unique Pink’ for $31.5 Million

Sotheby’s has announced that a unique 15.38-carat fancy Vivid Pink color diamond with exceptional clarity and structure – the Unique Pink – was sold for $31.56 million

Monday 19th October 2015

Argyle Diamonds Showcased at the Australian Ballet’s 2015 China Tour

[DiamondWorld] In what can be said a path-breaking partnership between the two biggies the Rio Tinto’s spectacular diamonds from its Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia are the centrepiece of a unique collaboration to celebrate five years of partnership with China’s premier diamond jewelry company Chow Tai Fook.

Sunday 11th October 2015

Rob Bates: Pink Diamonds and the Investment Question

On paper, pink diamonds certainly seem like—and are sometimes touted as—a great investment.

Thursday 24th September 2015

A Panther in Every Pink Diamond

In the series of films that started in the 1960's, "Pink Panther" is the name of a valuable pink diamond with an image at its center that resembles a leaping panther.

Sunday 20th September 2015

Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, Still a Month to Go

The Rio Tinto 2015 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender is having viewings in Sydney, Hong Kong, New York and Perth and bids will close on 21 October 2015. The 2015 Tender, known as the “Connoisseur’s Collection”, comprises 65 diamonds weighing a total of 44.14 carats.

Friday 14th August 2015

What Are the Largest Markets for Argyle’s Colored Diamonds?

"When Argyle opened there was no market for either the large volume of brown diamonds or the tiny volume of rare pink diamonds produced by the mine. The market had to be developed from scratch, which was done very successfully with the introduction of champagne and cognac-color diamonds.

Thursday 23rd April 2015

Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Sale Sets Record: Triumph of the Pink

It was the triumph of the pink at the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction this week. The New York arm of the auction house’s jewelry department’s spring Magnificent Jewels sale totaled $65million. 

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