Our Philosophy


Over the years, we have developed the expertise of using natural color diamonds to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, beautifully showcasing our vast stock  and the multitude of possibilities to use diamonds of different colors, shapes and sizes.

We created a number of collections of exclusive, handmade natural color diamond jewels, many of which are available for direct purchase online. Some jewels have been created in accordance with wishes and instructions from clients, some have been created in our workshop, which has resulted in a gorgeous portfolio of unique jewels.

Our priority is to deliver to our clients that perfect jewel, that is exactly what they have in mind. Always in close cooperation with the clients through the entire creative procedure, from the selection of the diamond through the drawing of a model to the finished piece, we help our clients create as well real haute couture pieces, as jewels to wear every day. Contact us today to create your dream piece of jewelry!


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