Natural Color Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds are mysterious and sublime. Black color diamonds are nature's only opaque diamonds and get their mirror-like beauty from graphite inclusions. These captivating gems are not only unique in appearance but also embody strength and elegance. Natural black diamonds are increasingly popular among collectors and jewelry enthusiasts for their distinctive look and rarity.

Natural Color Black Diamonds

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FAQs about Natural Color Black Diamonds

What Makes a Diamond Black?

​​Natural black diamonds get their color from graphite inclusions throughout the stone, which absorb most of the light that enters, giving them their dark, opaque appearance. This characteristic makes each natural black diamond uniquely captivating.

What Is a Natural Black Diamond?

Natural black diamonds are real diamonds that are significantly different in appearance from traditional white diamonds due to their dark coloration. They offer a striking contrast and depth that is not found in other diamonds, making them a sought-after choice for those looking for something truly.

Unlike most other fancy color diamonds, which can appear in various shades and intensities, natural black diamonds are characterized by a singular color intensity: Fancy Black. This consistent intensity contributes to their bold and definitive appearance, further distinguishing them in the realm of precious stones. Their striking visual appeal makes natural black diamonds a popular choice for jewelry, offering a sophisticated and contemporary flair that enhances any piece.

How Valuable Are Black Diamonds?

While not as traditionally valued as some other color diamonds, natural black diamonds have seen a rise in popularity and, consequently, value. Pieces featuring larger, high-quality black diamonds are particularly valued for their bold aesthetic.

Treated black diamonds, which are regular diamonds altered by heat or irradiation to enhance or change their color to black, are significantly less expensive. 

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Are Black Diamonds Real? 

Yes, our collection features genuine natural black diamonds. These exquisite gems are formed deep within the earth under specific conditions that give rise to their distinctive dark coloration. Natural black diamonds are celebrated for their authentic and untouched beauty. We also offer a selection of beautifully crafted heat-treated diamonds, which provide a more accessible option while maintaining the elegant appearance characteristic of black diamonds.

What Varieties of Black Diamonds Exist?

Black diamonds come in several varieties, each with its own unique characteristics and appeal:

  • Natural Black Diamonds: These are completely natural and exhibit a pure, deep black color. Known for their uniformity in color, natural black diamonds offer a richness and intensity that is both rare and striking.
  • Salt and Pepper Diamonds: These diamonds include a mix of black and white inclusions, giving them a distinctive speckled appearance. The unique patterns in each stone make salt and pepper diamonds generate interest for their one-of-a-kind aesthetic.
  • Enhanced (Heated) Black Diamonds: Finding good quality black diamonds is challenging. This is why some black diamonds are treated, a technique that exposes the diamonds to very high temperatures (up to 1300°C) to make the stones dark and opaque or even uniformly black. Some of our black melees are heat treated and these are typically used in jewelry. However, we also work with natural black melee and these are available upon request.
  • Lab-Grown Black Diamonds: Although we do not work with lab-grown diamonds, they represent another segment of the market. Unlike our natural diamonds these are created artificially in lab environment. 

What Are Some Famous Black Diamonds? 

Among the notable black diamonds in history, several stand out for their size, beauty, and mystique. These include:

The Black Orlov. A 67.5 carat natural black diamond a lso known as the "Eye of Brahma," which is rumored to have originated from a statue in India. It is infamous for having a cursed legend.

The Black Amsterdam Diamond. A 33,74 carat pear shaped black diamond. Famous for its faceted cut and glossy finish.

The Spirit of de Grisogono. The largest cut black diamond in the world that ws named after its renoweed Swiss jeweler/polisher This diamond is admired for its astonishing size and mesmerizing depth.

Where Do Black Diamonds Come From? 

Natural black diamonds come from fewer locations compared to their counterparts. Major sources include Brazil and Central Africa, where the geological conditions are suitable for forming black diamonds.

Our collection boasts a diverse range of natural black diamond. We offer diamonds in various shapes and sizes to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

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