Love Your Color
Color diamonds are the masterpieces of nature, as only one in 10,000 diamonds have a natural color. At Langerman Diamonds, we open up that world of treasures to you.
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The Largest Collection of Natural Color Diamonds

When you browse through our unique diamond collection based in Antwerp, you join a community of true diamond connoisseurs, who know that life must be experienced in color. We focus exclusively on natural color diamonds and show that these beautiful gems are available for every budget, taste and personality. Choose your dream diamond from the world's largest fancy color diamond collection, which took over 50 years to curate.

Polished Diamonds
It takes courage, skill and expertise to make diamond colors pop through polish.
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Diamond Sets
More is more when it comes to natural color diamonds. Here are the ones that were made for each other.
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Rough Diamonds
Experience the unpolished, raw beauty of rough natural color diamonds.
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Melee Diamonds
The unsung heroes of the diamond trade, natural color melee diamonds can shine alone or complete your piece.
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Color Diamond Jewelry
Explore our bespoke color diamond jewelry collection, and get inspired.
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The diamond industry is dynamic, exciting and challenging. Get the trends, advice and insights directly in your mailbox.
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Are You a Professional?
Excel at natural color diamond designs, trade, and network with us. Get the professionals only access here.
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Color Diamond Encyclopedia
Our founder Arthur Langerman is a pioneer in the natural color diamond business, and one of the world’s leading experts. Dive into our knowledge bank to learn more about these rare and exclusive treasures.
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