Are You A Jeweler Or Wholesaler?

At Langerman Diamonds our inventory can satisfy every taste and preference in diamonds. With exceptional natural color diamonds, from champagne to pinks including beautiful yellows, greens and blues, we understand the nuances of the diamond trade, offering an extensive range to elevate your inventory.

Tailored Wholesale Offers at Your Fingertips

By creating a professional account on our website, you unlock access to our wholesale conditions. Once you have an account we can custom-build your natural color diamond packages covering the quality, color, and the requested sizes.

A Full-Service Partner, One Stop Shop

We take pride in our work and we're more than a diamond supplier; we're your full-service partner. Our commitment to detail is unmatched – providing photos, videos, and certificates, allowing you to present these exquisite gems to your clients with complete confidence. We deliver a personalized service, so if you have a specific request from a client, big or small, you can always contact us for a tailor-made proposal. We have access to a larger stock than what is displayed online, so even if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our website, we may be able to help.

Explore the World's Largest Natural Color Diamonds Stock

Benefit from over 50 Years of experience in the color diamond sector. Our extensive stock, online and offline, showcases the largest color diamond collection, including natural melee color diamonds and a spectrum of loose natural color diamonds. Your search for the perfect diamond ends here.

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