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All our diamonds are natural color diamonds.

A natural color diamond is unique. It is a product of nature, shaped by millions of years of crystallization. Its color is the product of chance and no two natural color diamonds can be identical: it is this uniqueness, this rareness that gives them all their value.

Treated color diamonds are a completely different product that operate on a different market. There is no comparison.

As our inventory is very large and regularly updated, we don't make certificates for each of our diamonds. Once a diamond is sold, we can obtain a certificate within a few days, upon request of the customer, from a laboratory in Antwerp (EGL, IGI…). We do guarantee that all our diamonds are natural.

A certificate isn't absolutely necessary unless you want to re-sell your natural color diamond. But once you will have your natural color diamond, you will love it so much that you’ll probably never want to be separated from it!

The most important criterion to assess the quality and value of natural color diamonds is their color. Clarity is not as crucial, as long as the imperfections do not interfere with the play of color or with the sparkle of the stone, and that they are not visible to the naked eye. This is why certificates sometimes do not mention the clarity of the diamond.

What is important when evaluating diamonds is the four C's: Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat.

For natural fancy color diamonds, the color is the most important for determining the price. Some colors, such as red, green, pink and blue are more rare than others, and therefore more expensive. Also, if it is a very intense or pure color this will raise the price, regardless of which color it is.

The quality and clarity of the diamond will also have an impact, a diamond with no or few impurities will be more expensive than a diamond of a lesser quality. The price of diamonds is like that of gold, it follows its proper market fluctuations. The market price and prices obtained at public sales will therefore also be of importance as they indicate these fluctuations.

Natural fancy color diamonds differ from colorless diamonds in a lot of aspects – and the importance of clarity is one of them. Because natural color diamonds are so rare - only one diamond out of ten thousand is a natural color diamond – clarity is much less important as a quality mark than it is for colorless diamonds. So long as the clarity of the diamond doesn’t affect the beauty of the color in a negative way, it is considered of little importance when evaluating a colored diamond, and thus also as a criteria for purchasing one. To give an example, a fancy pink or blue diamond of SI grade, which can be considered as a fairly average clarity for a colorless diamond, can if the color is beautiful be something very rare and sought after, and will command a very high price per carat despite not having a perfect clarity.

Since there is a lot of demand for rough diamonds, their price has gone up and it is actually more interesting to buy polished diamonds than to buy rough stones and have them cut.

Also, the geological structure of the rough diamonds from our online catalogue is just so beautiful and very interesting in itself that we would rather leave them unpolished.

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Payment is required in advance.

The easiest and safest way is to transfer the money directly to our account.

Our bank details are:

  • Bank: ABN-AMRO
  • Account number: 674-5400670-09 (Langerman SPRL)
  • Address: 70-77 Pelikaanstraat, B-2018 Antwerpen, Belgique
  • Code IBAN : BE 87 6744 0003 6694 
  • Code BIC : ABNABE2A

We accept payments with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) for amounts up to $3,500. For security purposes, we will ask you to do a bank transfer for all purchases above this amount.

We accept payments with Bitcoins for amounts up to the equivalent value of US$3,500. For security purposes, we will ask you to do a bank transfer for all purchases above this amount.

For more information about Bitcoins visit: https://bitcoin.org

The shipping costs depend on the amount of your purchase, and the chosen shipping method :

For orders equal to or below $100

Recorded and signed for mail, non-insured. Estimated delay up to 10-21 days, $30

For orders exceeding $100, up to $1,000

You can choose between the following :

Recorded and signed for mail, non-insured. Estimated delay up to 10-21 days, $50
Insured express shipment. Estimated delay 24h-72h, $180

For orders exceeding $1,000, up to $2,500

Insured express shipment. Estimated delay 24h-72h, $180

For orders equal to or exceeding $2,500

Insured express shipment. Estimated delay 24h-72h, free of charge

For orders of books and posters

Regular mail. Estimated delay up to 10-21 days, $20

All prices include taxes.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices mentioned on the Site exclude the Belgian VAT (Value Added Tax).

  • Shipments in Belgium:
    Individuals and companies: the sale is taxes included, the Belgian VAT of 21 % will be added.
  • Shipment in another Member State of the European Union:
    Individuals: the sale is taxes included, the Belgian VAT of 21 % will be added.
    Companies: the sale is taxes excluded (provided we are given a valid intra-community VAT number).
  • Shipment to other countries:
    Individuals and Companies: the sale is made taxes excluded. However, Buyers are bound to declare this import in order to conform to the laws and regulations applicable in the country where they reside.
  • Shipment to dealers in diamonds:
    In accordance with the article 42, §4 of the Belgian VAT book, the sales of gemstones made to dealers in these goods are exempted from sales taxes insofar as they are registered as dealers in unmounted diamonds.

You will find all the necessary information concerning our return policy in our General Terms and Conditions (articles 9 and 10) (https://www.langerman-diamonds.com/info/legal/).

But in short: If you are not satisfied, you can return the goods within 30 days after having received them and you will get a full refund. You will pay the shipping expenses for the returned goods.

As reputed diamond dealers, we are used to work and deliver our products worldwide. We use shipping companies specialized in diamonds such as Brinks, Malca Amit or FedEx.

We send the goods as soon as we have received your payment. Delivery usually takes 24 to 72 hours.

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