Tuesday 21 March 2023


Angola's very plentiful diamond production also yields very large diamonds, which can sometimes reach several hundred carats. The majority of this production consists in colorless and Cape diamonds. More rarely, fairly pure intense yellow and canary yellow diamonds can also be found. These have an octahedral or dodecahedral crystalline structure.

Types of diamonds produced in Angola: 

Colorless, Cape, fancy yellow, intense yellow, brown, sometimes pink.

Production of diamonds (all types taken together):
Mine Carats ('000) $/ct $ ('000) Operator
Catoca 2,693 65 175,045 Alrosa/Odebrecht/Endiama
Luzamba 418 210 87,900 SDM (Odebrecht/Endiama)
Smaller operators 760 237 180,200 JV's with Endiama
Artisans 2,000 180 360,000 Various