Friday 05 May 2023

Golden Jubilee - Gold Brown - 755.50 ct

Discovered in 1986 in the Premier mine in South Africa, the Golden Jubilee diamond which was originally called the Unnamed Brown, weighed 755.5 carats as rough. With its gold brown color, the diamond had a brilliant and magical aura about its heart. It was also a very delicate stone to cut, as it had multiple tension points that made it liable to break apart at the slightest pressure.

Photo: Cape Town Diamond Museum

This stone was the opportunity for Master Cutter Gabi Tolkowsky to test and perfect a number of tools that he had developed, together with his team, to cut the Centenary diamond, the most beautiful white diamond ever to have been found. After a year of work, the result was a modern fire-rose cushion shaped diamond with 148 perfectly symmetrical facets, weighing 545.67 carats. The 72.2% ratio between the weight of the cut stone and that of the rough was exceptional (the ratio is usually around 50%).

The Golden Jubilee is currently the largest diamond ever to have been cut. It was offered in 1997 to the King of Thailand for his golden jubilee - the 50th. anniversary of his reign.