Argyle Tenders and Argyle Certificates

The Argyle mine in Australia is alone in the world to produce natural pink diamonds of the color intensity that can be found there. Some very light pink diamonds can be found in South Africa, but for the more intense colors, Argyle is the only source.

We often receive questions from clients interested in pink diamonds from the Argyle mine about the yearly Argyle Tenders, and the Argyle certificates that they issue.

Argyle Tenders

Every year, the Argyle mine in Australia highlights a selection of their most vibrant, intense natural pink diamonds, and offer them for sale at an invitation-only tender. The pink diamonds chosen for the tenders are some of the finest pink diamonds to be found. For every one million carats of rough diamonds produced in the mine, only one polished carat is offered for sale at the tender. Prospective buyers place sealed bids and, assuming the reserve price is reached at the tender deadline, the winning bidder is notified of their success.

It goes without saying that these diamonds are extremely rare on the market, but even if you can’t lay your hands on a pink diamond from an Argyle Tender, it is still possible to find gorgeous, one of a kind pink Argyle diamonds. Being among the rarest of the natural color diamonds, they are all little miracles of nature. Have a look at our selection of rough pink diamonds and polished pink diamonds in our web store.



Argyle Certificates

The pink diamonds over 0.50 carat that are polished in the Argyle mine and sold by Argyle Diamonds, receive an Argyle Gem Identification Certificate. It thus exists only for a part of the pink diamonds originating from the Argyle mine. An Argyle certificate is not the same thing as a certificate issued by a laboratory, but a description of the characteristics of the diamond based upon the application of the grading techniques used by Argyle Diamonds. It states weight and shape, as well as the color and clarity grading according to the special scales used by Argyle.

Since we are manufacturers at Langerman Diamonds, we mostly buy rough pink diamonds directly from the Argyle mine, and cut and polish them ourselves. For those diamonds there are therefore no Argyle certificates. We can on the contrary always provide laboratory certificates for any diamond purchased from us.