Buying Rough Diamonds to Polish

We often receive questions about whether it is possible to buy rough diamonds to have them polished. It is, naturally, but there are some facts that are important to know if this is something you are considering.

First of all, it is essential to keep in mind that not all rough diamonds are suitable for cutting and polishing. They may have inclusions that makes cutting impossible, or a structure that would make the possible yield so small that cutting is not interesting. As a general rule, the yield for a cuttable diamond varies between 25-40% of the original weight of the rough diamond.
Polishing a diamond is always a risky procedure, since even though it is possible to make approximate predictions, you can never be sure of the result, in terms of color, weight or clarity. Also, since there is a lot of demand for rough diamonds, the prices have gone up and it is actually more interesting to buy polished diamonds than to buy rough stones and have them cut.
The rough diamonds displayed in our web shop are for the most part chosen for their beautiful color and geological structure, and not for their suitability for cutting and polishing. If you are convinced to go forward with buying a rough diamond to have it cut, please contact us and we can advise you on this, and possibly propose other diamonds from our stock that would be suitable for this.