Choosing the Right Metal for Your Jewel


It is important to have the color of the diamond in mind when choosing the gold color for your jewel. Some natural color diamonds will look beautiful set in gold of any color, whereas other are more complicated. White gold for example, will enhance the color of blue diamonds, but can reduce the intensity and beauty of a pink diamond. In many cases it is a matter of taste, for example black diamonds look stunning set in black gold, but you can also choose another color if you prefer. However, for pink diamonds, it is important to set them in pink gold, as another color can completely ruin the pink color. For yellow diamonds, it is also advised to set them in yellow gold, to avoid the yellow color losing in intensity.
We are here to advice you on this, and it is important to keep in mind that it is always possible to adapt the jewel to the diamond. If you want a pink diamond in a white gold ring, and still want the color to be enhanced, it is possible to make just the setting closest to the stone in pink gold and the rest in white gold, for example.

Platinum is a very different material than gold. One of the advantages of using platinum is that it will not, unlike white gold, turn yellowish with the years. You will thus not have to take it to jeweller for a rhodium treatment. Platinum will however have a slightly more grayish tone from the beginning, and you will not have that bright white appearance that white gold can have. It is also important to remember than platinum is a more flexible material than gold, and more difficult to work, which can sometimes have an impact on the jewel. For example, it can be difficult to create very thin details in platinum, as they risk becoming instable. We are here to advice you on the choice of material, and you can contact us with any questions you may have.