Laser Inscriptions

Why Are Laser Inscriptions Used on Diamonds?

Laser inscriptions on diamonds are used for two purposes: identification and personalization of the diamond. Some laboratories propose to inscribe the certificate number of the diamond, for identification. It is also used by some manufacturers as a sort of “branding” – such as the ‘Forevermark’, that is used by De Beers to mark some of their most exceptional diamonds.


You can also use it to personalize your diamond, by inscribing a personal message, a date, a place, your name, or some other special information on the diamond.


How Are Laser Inscriptions Made?

Laser inscriptions are made using an extremely fine laser beam, to “write” on the diamond.  The heat from the laser alters a very thin layer – only a few atoms thick – from the transparent carbon crystal that is the diamond, into graphite, which is an opaque carbon structure. The effect is that under a microscope the inscription appears three-dimensional. The laser inscription is microscopic, and completely invisible to the naked eye. You need a 10x magnifying loupe to see it.

What is important to keep in mind is that laser inscriptions do not change the color grade or clarity grade of a diamond. It is however also important to know that they are considered as permanent – only a professional diamond cutter can remove a laser inscription. If you were to consider inscribing a personal message on the stone, you might therefore want to think twice if you are also buying the diamond as an investment, to potentially resell it one day.