Monday 08 May 2023

Russian Federation

In Siberia, color diamonds are brown, yellow-gray and pinkish-purple. They have an octahedral crystalline structure and usually have a large cleavage (or gletz). The pink stones sometimes have two distinct colors: one part of the stone is brown, and the other is pink. Skilled cutters are able to divide the stone so as to obtain two diamonds, each with its own color.

Types of diamonds produced in Russia:

Siberia: colorless, grayish-yellow, light to intense purple, "brown".

Other mines: yellow.

Production of diamonds (all types taken together)
Mine Carats ('000) $/ct $ ('000) Operator
 Udachnaya 11,500 
85  977,500 Alrosa 
 Jubilee 5,500  65   357,500  Alrosa