Monday 08 May 2023

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is an important diamond producer and is heaving with extraordinary diamonds - particularly very large, colorless diamonds. Of the mines that do contain color diamonds, the Zimi mine deserves particular mention as it produces the most beautiful vivid yellow (jonquil) diamonds in the world. These diamonds have a very deep, warm and lively yellow color, one would even say mixed with a touch of orange.

They are rather pure, as the few inclusions they do contain are generally black pinpoints that are grouped together and can be removed during cutting. Rough, these stones also have a very unique characteristic in that they look like spheres in which a hole, which can reach into the heart of the stone, has been naturally "drilled". The entire difficulty resides in removing that hole and as many black pinpoints as possible without losing too much weight.

The Zimi mine also produces olive diamonds, currently less appreciated by the public, which have the same characteristics as the yellow stones.

Types of diamonds produced in Sierra Leone: 

Colorless, vivid yellow, olive green.

Production of diamonds (all types taken together)
Mine Carats ('000) $/ct $ ('000) Operator
 Artisans 375  180   67,500 Various