Monday 08 May 2023

South Africa

In terms of value, South African production is the most important in the world. Interestingly, color diamonds in this region have different hues, depending on the mine they come from. The Premier mine for example produces white diamonds with a strong blue fluorescence, and light blue diamonds. Diamonds of all colors can be found in South African production but their main common characteristic is that they tend to appear pale and washed-out.

Types of diamonds produced in South Africa: 

Cape, colorless, all colors from light to medium, rarely intense. This is also the world's most important source of blue diamonds.

Production of diamonds (all types taken together)
Mine Carats ('000) $/ct $ ('000) Operator
 Venetia 4,977   85
 423,045 De Beers 
Premier  1,637  75   122,775 De Beers 
Koffiefortein  145   225  32,625  De Beers
Kimberley  550   110  60,500  De Beers
808   180  145,440  De Beers
Finsch  2,465   70  172,550  De Beers
The Oaks  124   180  22,320 De Beers 
Baken  65  400   26,000 Transhex 
Others   230  280  64,400 Various 
Independent diggers   300  250  75,000