Natural Color Purple Diamonds

Natural purple diamonds are a rare and luxurious choice, renowned for their breathtaking shades ranging from violet, indigo, to lilac. These diamonds gain their unique hues through specific geological conditions that affect their crystal structure during formation. Sourced from prestigious mines, natural purple diamonds symbolize sophistication and distinction.


Natural Color Purple Diamonds

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FAQs about Natural Color Purple Diamonds
What Is A Color​ Diamond?

​​Color diamonds are those that display a unique and natural color, like the various purple shades available at Langerman. Our natural color diamonds maintain their beautiful hues without any artificial enhancements, ensuring their natural beauty and authenticity.

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How Do Purple Diamonds Get Their Color?

Natural purple diamonds typically develop their color through the presence of hydrogen and other elements within their crystal lattice during formation. This process, combined with the specific conditions of their geological environment, allows them to absorb and reflect light in ways that produce their stunning purple coloration.

How Are Purple Diamonds Priced?

The value of purple diamonds is determined by the 4Cs—Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. The rarity and depth of the purple hue significantly enhance their value, making them a prized choice for collectors and aficionados of fine jewelry.

Are Purple Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Yes, natural purple diamonds are genuine diamonds that possess a 100% natural color. These diamonds are not subjected to any treatments or enhancements to achieve their purple hue, which ensures each stone's unique allure.

What Shades of Purple Diamonds Are There?

​​Langerman offers a stunning collection of purple diamonds for sale, including shades like Violet, Indigo, and Lilac. Each shade represents a different aspect of purple, ranging from the deep and mysterious indigo to the soft and romantic lilac.

  • Violet Purple Diamonds. These diamonds feature a deep, rich purple that is both bold and beautiful.
  • Indigo Purple Diamonds. A darker shade that exudes elegance and depth.
  • Lilac Purple Diamonds. These showcase a lighter, more delicate purple, perfect for those who prefer a subtler touch of color.
Where Do Purple Diamonds Come From?

Purple diamonds are typically found in regions known for their rich deposits of color diamonds, particularly in the mineral-rich landscapes of Australia and South Africa. These regions are crucial for the production of high-quality purple diamonds, each contributing uniquely to the variety available on the global market.

Australia is famous for its diverse geological formations, including a range of color diamonds. Purple diamonds from Australia often feature unique overtones and remarkable clarity, reflecting the varied conditions of their formation.

South Africa is the predominant source of purple diamonds, offering gems that are vibrant and rich in color. The intense hues of South African purple diamonds result from specific geological conditions unique to this region, rather than being spread across the continent.

Both Australia and South Africa supply the world with purple diamonds, enhancing the global assortment of these rare gems. They provide collectors and enthusiasts with a plethora of choices, with each stone embodying a unique blend of beauty and origin. This geographic specificity not only enriches the diversity within our collections but also ensures that each purple diamond distinctly represents its native environment.

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