Friday 13 January 2023

How to Prepare for the Engagement Season

How to Prepare for the Engagement Season

You probably have noticed a spike in engagement announcements around this time of the year, from celebrities to influencers and your own friends and acquaintances. If this sounds familiar, you’re not wrong. Jewelers around the world know it very well; it’s engagement season!

Holiday proposals in cozy destinations or candlelight dinners on Valentine’s Days, there’s something about the period between November and February that collectively inspires thousands of people to pop the question. 

Maybe it’s the feeling of ending the year on a positive note or starting it with a bang. Whatever the mysterious motivation behind it, there’s no denying that the interest in engagement rings and diamonds intensifies around these months.

If you’re a jewelry designer, keep reading to learn tips on how to prepare for one of the busiest times of the year. And if you’re thinking of following suit and proposing, scroll down to discover natural color diamonds available right now to design a bespoke, exceptional ring.

Stock up on loved settings

Be prepared to satisfy the growing demand for all-time classic engagement ring styles. Make sure your collection includes, at least, the following three kinds of settings:

1. The elegant solitaire

Bespoke six-prong diamond solitaire from Langerman

Simplicity and sophistication meet in the timeless design of the solitaire ring. Typically made up of a naked band to highlight a single, remarkable diamond, this style is a revered classic. 

Custom solitaire engagement ring with a Princess cut Mint diamond

2. A luxurious three-stone

Three-stone bezel setting engagement ring

Each diamond on this type of ring represents a different life chapter: past, present, and future. The unique hues of natural color diamonds make them perfect as the center stone or as side stones to add a colorful accent to a traditional design.

Three-stone engagement ring in 18 kt yellow gold with Yellow diamonds

3. A sparkly halo

Langerman bespoke ring with Oval cut Mint center diamond in a Pink diamond halo setting

Bright and shimmery, diamond halos are beloved for their enlarging attributes as they tend to make the center stone appear bigger. While this optical illusion is appreciated by most brides-to-be, halo settings also pose the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind design with a contrasting colors. Our Fancy color diamonds are suitable for the main show and can also play the part of the perfect sidekick. Our inventory is always stocked with melee diamonds in every color of the rainbow.

Expand your inventory with the most-wanted carats

It’s no secret that the 1.00 ct Round brilliant cut is the most sought-after carat weight and shape combination gracing engagement rings worldwide. However, having a diverse carat weight variety is good practice to allow your customers to compare and find the best option for their budget and expectations. 

0.25 ct Radiant cut Lavender diamond


0.75 ct Round Brilliant cut Pink diamond with GIA report

A selection of diamonds starting at 0.25 carats and going up in 0.25 increments all the way to 3.00 ct, will cover the needs of most customers.

1.25 ct Heart shape Olive diamond

Surprise them with exceptional options

There are a lot of options out there to purchase engagement rings. A unique offering with a distinctive style and exclusive materials will help your collection stand out. 

Here are four diamond traits that will make your designs get more attention.  

1. Unusual cuts

3.13 ct Modified shield cut Honey diamond

Most people are aware  of two families of shapes: the Brilliants and the Step Cuts. However, modern diamond cutters and polishers have come up with creative, innovative shapes that might be just what your customers look for to impress their partners.

1.00 ct Modified Shield Brilliant Baby Pink diamond

GIA certified 1.95 ct Modified Shield Step cut Steel diamond

2. Intense colors

2.02 ct Radiant cut Jonquile diamond with GIA report

Although it is not a general rule, Fancy Intense color diamonds are rarer to find, and higher saturation levels often mean more value and investment potential.

1.01 ct Mahogany diamond with GIA report

3. Subtle hues

0.51 ct Radiant cut Blue diamond

On the other hand, not everybody is ready for a vibrant engagement ring. Some prefer faint colors for an understated jewel that’s easier to style and combine with other pieces.

1.15 ct Oval Modified Brilliant cut Mint diamond 

4. Elongated shapes

1.31 ct Emerald cut Toffee diamond

Its extraordinary brilliance has made the Round cut the most popular diamond shape. However, elongated shapes are often recommended for their flattering looks.

0.65 ct Marquise cut Baby Pink diamond

1.03 ct Turquoise Pear cut diamond

A Final Tip

Ultimately, nobody knows your audience and your business better than you. Pay attention to the questions they raise during their consultations, the search terms they use to navigate your website, and what your best-selling designs can say about their needs.

At Langerman Diamonds, we are proud to work closely with all kinds of jewelry professionals and source the ideal stones to complete their colorful designs.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you prepare for the engagement season.