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Friday 7th October 2022

Natural Color Diamonds for Autumn-Inspired Designs

It’s that time of the year when temperatures start dropping, and the landscape transforms itself. We crave hot beverages, hearty soups, and cozy clothes. This longing for some warmth it’s also expressed in the prevalence of toasted colors. Inspired by the yellowing leaves, we see orange, browns, and reds everywhere, from fashion to makeup and interior design. 

Creative palettes and surprising combinations emerge every year, but the ultimate Fall/Winter style by excellence calls for earthy colors.

At Langerman Diamonds, we want to inspire you to incorporate the season’s colors into your collections. This starts with our naming system, where we assign evocative names to each diamond hue.

Discover some of our favorite autumn-inspired colored diamonds.


Falling For Yellows


Captivating 1.29 ct Jonquille Yellow Diamond

Golden, faint, greenish, with a hint of brown or a dash of orange, there is a yellow diamond for every mood and taste. Yellow stands for optimism, joy, and friendship. It awakens cheerfulness and promotes happiness. 

Natural yellow diamonds look even richer when set in yellow or rose gold. Still, white gold is an excellent match for creating contrast and highlighting the stone’s color.

1.01 ct Canary Yellow Diamond


For low-contrast designs, we recommend mixing yellow diamonds with Champagne, Cognac, Pumpkin, or Bronze diamonds. The best fit will depend on the intensity and temperature of the yellow color.


Trillion Cut Vanilla Diamond

Combine them with contrasting Fancy Color diamonds for a more dramatic look. Black diamonds add a sophisticated, bold feeling. Purple sits opposite of yellow on the color wheel, which explains why Raspberry Pinks and Lavender diamonds make for such exciting pairings.


Uplifting Greens

Oval Cut Khaki Green Diamond


Electric tones like that of our Lime Green diamonds do not precisely scream Autumn. But our color diamond inventory keeps so many other nuances of Green.

Unique Shield Cut Olive Green Diamond

Green diamonds with a brownish or yellow undertone feel more appropriate for this season. Our Olive Diamonds are the perfect option to add earthiness to a seasonal design.

Natural 2.56 ct Bronze Diamond

Bronze Diamonds have a distinctive hue composed of yellow, brown, and green hints.


Luscious Browns

Matching Set of Round Brilliant Chocolate Diamonds 

Most people are familiar with Chocolate Diamonds. Their deep brown goes well with neutral tones and bright colors.


0.84 ct Marquise Cinnamon Diamond 

Cinnamon Diamonds are just as sweet and have more of an orangey/yellowish influence.


0.21 ct Heart Cut Toffee Diamond 

A fall favorite, the Toffee Diamond, has a unique light brown tone.


1.47 ct Coffee Diamond 

The perfect neutral shade of brown comes from our Coffee Diamonds.


Intense Oranges

Marquise Cut Deep Pumpkin Diamond

If we had to single out a specific color to represent autumn, orange would have to be the one. Perhaps it’s the association with the season’s most popular harvest; the pumpkin. Or because we see it in the crisping leaves. Whichever the reason, fall brings the perfect opportunity to design with orange diamonds. This hue has so many nuances, with intense yellow undertones or brown hints. Selecting between Pumpkin, Apricot, Saffron, or Cognac diamond depends on the taste.


Round Brilliant Cut Amber Diamond


0.58 ct Cognac Diamond.


Fall/Winter-Inspired Jewelry

Here is a selection of our bespoke pieces showing some possibilities for incorporating autumn-colored diamonds.

Bezel Set Orange Diamond Stud Earrings


White Gold Ring Featuring a Trio of Heart-Shaped Autumn Diamond.


Pear Cut Cognac Diamond Set in a Rose Gold Ring 


Princess Cut Olive Green Diamond Ring

Artists and designers draw inspiration from nature, and this season is full of exciting textures, uplifting colors, and comforting smells. Let the changing scenery and natural color diamonds spark your creativity.

Explore and find the perfect Natural Color Diamonds for your project.


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