Friday 24 November 2023

Your 2023 Guide to Holiday Gifting

A wonderful scent of joy and nostalgia is flooding the streets and shopping centers; a blend of freshly baked cinnamon cookies with spiced mulled wine and a dash of fir, spruce, and pine signal the start of the holiday season. The smells awake memories that fuel our desire to spend time with our loved ones, cherish them, and surprise them.

Then the dilemma arises: What can I get for them? Gifting is not an easy art to master; finding the perfect present that will truly match the recipient’s taste can be tricky. But one can never go wrong with diamond jewelry: A precious necklace, ring, or pair of earrings will stay with them forever.

Like a life made of a unique compilation of events and chances, natural color diamonds are one-of-a-kind: their extraordinary hues were created by the serendipitous presence of impurities and other anomalies. Atoms of nitrogen gave way to Yellow diamonds, and a distortion in the crystal structure resulted in Pink diamonds.

Our 2023 gift guide focuses on the meaning and symbolism of colors. We gathered a stunning selection of multiple colors with suggestions for matching them to a specific occasion, or linking their significance to the recipient’s personality. With over 350 colors to choose from, at Langerman Diamonds you will find the perfect fit for that special someone.

Argyle Pink Diamonds For Your Dearest

0.45 ct Round brilliant cut VS Old Rose diamond with GIA certificate

The embodiment of romance and femininity, pink is also associated with kindness and playfulness. Whether you’re looking for a romantic gift or a sparkly treat for your daughter or sister, Fancy Pink diamonds are an excellent choice.

1.22 ct Shield cut Pink diamond from Argyle with GIA certificate

The Argyle mine in Australia was renowned for its remarkable production of natural Pink diamonds. Already one of the rarest colors, with the mine’s closing in 2020, Argyle Pink diamonds are becoming a collector’s item and are highly sought after by investors.

0.74 ct Rectangular brilliant cut Raspberry diamond from Argyle with GIA certificate

From soft Old Rose diamonds to intense Raspberry and Burgundy, you will fall in love with our Argyle Pinks.

0.53 ct Cushion cut Burgundy diamond from Argyle with GIA certificate

Discover more Argyle Pink diamonds.

Red For Good Luck

The color of fire and passion, red also stands for good fortune in many cultures. True Fancy Red is the rarest of all diamond colors, and very hard to find. Luckily, the intense hues of some Brown and Orange diamonds are superb alternatives that display a similar vibrancy.

0.64 ct Marquise cut Amber diamond

Amber diamonds capture the glow of a comforting fireplace. Their shimmer pairs exceptionally well with other warm-toned stones, such as Canary and Gold diamonds.

0.82 ct Pear cut Cognac diamond

The deep hues of Cognac and Mahogany diamonds will stand out even more in a white gold setting, while yellow and rose gold could highlight their orange undertones.

1.01 ct Rectangle radiant cut VS Mahogany diamond with GIA certificate

Gold Diamonds For That Shining Star

Always positive and making others laugh; for that special person who’s a beacon of light in your life, we suggest Gold diamonds.

1.01 ct Radiant cut VS Gold diamond
1.48 ct Rectangle brilliant cut Gold diamond with GIA certificate

This beautiful type of Yellow diamonds are also perfect to mark a special occasion, or celebrate a 50th anniversary.

Purple Diamonds For The Artistic Soul

Because of its limited availability, violet pigment achieved a regal reputation, linked to royalty, and even magic.

0.21 ct Pear cut Lilac diamond

When Manganese Violet became available to painters in the second half of the 19th century, it was quickly adopted by the likes of Claude Monet, and Édouard Manet. The enchanting tone was then widely adopted and the term violettomania was coined later in reference to this phenomenon.

0.18 ct Oval cut Lavender diamond

Perhaps this strong relation with the fine arts is why the color is often viewed as a symbol of creativity. So, if your recipient strikes you as imaginative and inspiring, a Lilac or a Lavender diamond will be a fantastic fit.

A Sweet Piece of Chocolate Diamonds

3.36 ct Round brilliant cut Chocolate diamond

The holidays are also about indulgence and pampering. And what a better treat is there than Chocolate diamonds? Available in multiple shapes and sizes ranging from melee to stones weighing over 3 carats, our luscious Chocolate diamonds are a popular option amongst men and women.

2.87 ct Square radiant cut Chocolate diamond

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Raise A Glass With Champagne Diamonds

1.05 ct Marquise cut Champagne diamond

If you are planning a winter proposal, or you want a piece that simply embodies the spirit of celebration, there’s no better option than a Champagne diamond.

Their subtle tone also makes them more accessible to those unfamiliar with natural color diamonds.

1.39 ct Round brilliant cut VS Champagne diamond

Green Diamonds For Nature Lovers

0.32 ct Pear cut VS2 Green diamond with GIA certificate

Let them carry a piece that will take them back to their favorite landscape or remind them of a trip you took together. Crystalline lakes, vibrant palm trees, or romantic meadows, Green diamonds come in many shades that can help tell your own story.

0.51 ct Oval cut VS Lime diamond

Gray Diamonds For The Rockstar

3.91 ct Pear cut VS Silver diamond with GIA certificate

In the diamond world, Gray can be seen as somewhat of a rebellious color; defying expectations of pure white, or colorless grades. For this reason, we think our Silver and Steel diamonds will align with the trendsetters, the rockstars, and those who love unconventional treasures.

0.26 ct Round brilliant cut VS Steel diamond

A Bespoke Gift

Nothing shows how well you know the other person like a custom-made present. If you’d like to create a bespoke gift in time for the holidays with any of the diamonds featured in this article, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Explore the rest of our selection in our website, and find inspiration to create a memorable piece.