Friday 25 November 2022

The Journey of a Bespoke Piece

The Journey of a Bespoke Piece

Long before the concept of prêt-à-porter was adopted in jewelry, the norm was to go to a jeweler and commission a custom piece. Having the opportunity to participate in the design process and to add your personal touch creating a jewel for yourself or a loved one is a luxury that you can still experience at Langerman Diamonds.


The Brief

Our longtime client Valerie has been creating jewelry with us throughout the years. Wonderful pieces have resulted from our collaboration, so we were delighted to learn she trusted us again with an exciting ring project she had in mind.

Valerie adores the warmth of the autumn color palette, as it reminds her of the view from her window. There’s something comforting about seeing trees changing colors and observing the dancing leaves as they reach the ground every time the crisp wind blows. 

Our client wanted a piece that captured the hues of that special landscape in a unique design. As she was looking for inspiration in our gallery of previous bespoke work, she stumbled upon this Pink marquise diamond ring and fell in love with it. The style was perfect for an autumn-inspired piece, as the marquise cut bears some similarity with the shape of a leaf. 

Marquise Pink diamond ring from our bespoke gallery

Initially, Valerie wanted to create her own version of this ring with a combination of Champagne and Chocolate diamonds in Rose gold—an exquisite choice. But after exploring our online inventory of natural color diamonds, she came across a set of marquise diamonds in various colors that mimicked those of the changing leaves. 

Set of Marquise cut diamonds of multiple colors

In her own words: “I have been looking at all your different diamonds and I would instead really like this ring in a variety of colours along the lines of the rings you are making me at the present time. In Amber, Cognac, Olive, etc. I thought it could be rather stunning. When I noticed this picture it gave me the idea.”

Designing a custom jewel doesn’t always follow a straight path; that’s part of the creative process. Each bespoke journey is unique.


Design Foundations

Once the idea was further detailed, our diamond advisor proposed these color diamonds: Amber, Olive, Cognac, Bronze, and Honey. This brilliant palette features subtle greenish, brownish, yellowish, and orangey tones that, when presented in the marquise cut, immediately transport our minds to an autumnal landscape.

Selection of Marquise cut Amber, Olive, Cognac, Bronce, and Honey diamonds


The following design parameters were also defined at this stage:

  • The halo diamonds would match the color of each marquise diamond.

  • Coffee melee diamonds would be used for the top and bottom bands.

  • The ring would be formed by a complete circle of the marquise diamonds.

  • And lastly, the ring would be in rosé gold.


Experimenting With Different Layouts

To create a harmonious full circle of stones, our team proceeded to source the diamonds from our inventory, select those that matched the requirements, and find the ones that shared similar dimensions and proportions.

Having found the suitable diamonds, we experimented with different arrangements until we found the best three progressions to present to Valerie. It’s very important to us that our clients are not only providing the initial brief; we want to make them a part of the process and allow them to be truly involved in the design. 

Layout option 1

Layout option 2

Layout option 3 

The End Result 

While crafting the exquisite ring, the jeweler realized two more marquise diamonds would be needed to achieve the perfect size and fit required. The solution aligned with the client was to remove the honey diamonds and repeat the four autumn colors. This way, the same layout would be visible from both sides of the ring.

Final selection and arrangement of the Autumn-inspired color diamonds


The end result was a ring with 8 marquise cut diamonds and 168 color-matching melees totaling 4.11 carats. A perfect fall palette achieved with Amber, Cognac, Olive, and Bronze natural color diamonds.

Custom-made ring in 18kt rose gold with natural color diamonds


We were delighted with the end result. However, our proudest moment came when we learned of our client’s reaction:

“I just opened the package and the ring is truly magnificent. I love it. The diamonds’ colors are perfect and the jeweler’s workmanship is excellent. Thank you. 

It is always a pleasure working with the Langerman staff as they are always willing to listen to your desires and allow you to be part of the process.”


Special thanks to our client for allowing us to share her bespoke journey.

Watch a video of Valerie’s ring.

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