Monday 10 December 2018

A Reason to Celebrate - Champagne Diamonds

A Reason to Celebrate - Champagne Diamonds

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” sings Marilyn Monroe in the iconic scene of the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  Perhaps we can be a bit more specific about this “best friend,” and say, “champagne diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”     

And here are three reasons why:

The versatility of champagne diamonds is matchless.

From classy to sexy, champagne diamonds can create any look depending on what you’re going for with its neutral and timeless tone.  And whoever said “brown is boring” will be in for a surprise as brown has varied hues of complexity and beauty.  
Natural fancy brown colored diamonds are sometimes referred to as a champagne - lightly tinted brown - cognac, or chocolate, depending on the darkness of the tone.

Thus, you’ll never see the word "champagne" on a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grading report. Instead, the color would be described as - fancy light yellow brown, fancy yellowish brown - or a similar phrase indicating the hue and intensity. Their hue is caused by structural distortions in the diamond lattice, which modifies their absorption of light and generally show a hint of greenish, yellowish, orange, or reddish modifying colors.  


It's the hottest color in fashion trend  

When Rihanna was spotted wearing a champagne diamond ring on her wedding finger in New York City, an engagement rumor sparked high.  And being one of the most influential fashionista in the world, all attention was on her choice of the speculated “engagement ring,” which showed off a diamond in the hottest color.  Yes, champagne diamond.

Soon French Vogue published an article titled “How to wear champagne diamonds à la Rihanna", claiming champagne diamond to be “right on-trend” and advised the readers on ten ways to wear champagne diamonds.


 It's unbeatable in terms of affordability and value

The allure of champagne diamonds reach beyond the A-listers in Hollywood.  Recent years, collectors and investors have been paying close attention to the massive appeal and popularity of champagne diamonds. And despite the luxury and elegance they exude, they are surprisingly affordable compare to other natural color diamonds such as pink or blue. But for now that is.

Since champagne diamonds are widely projected to be the next pink diamonds. And since Argyle mine, which is responsible for supplying 90% of the pink and champagne diamonds, is said to be closing in 2020, the value of champagne diamonds will only increase.    

Whether it’s for the lucrative prospect, or sheer love for the subtle but intricate hues of different browns, champagne diamonds give good reason to celebrate.  But be cautious, since many jewelers abuse the term “champagne” to market low quality diamonds more attractive. Make sure to purchase a diamond with a gemological certificate for the assurance of the stone’s actual color and value.

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