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Brilliant Graduation Gift Ideas For Him and Her

Brilliant Graduation Gift Ideas For Him and Her

Hearing the bell one last time, walking through the halls, and saying farewell to teachers and classmates, brings in a new sense of accomplishment. Graduations are milestones that mark a transition into adulthood. Such an important event calls for an extraordinary gift.

For parents and grandparents, it’s a proud moment to see the family’s young adults embark on a new chapter of life. And for the graduates, it’s a period of change that comes with new challenges and increasing responsibilities. Finishing high school often means moving away from home for the first time. And for university graduates, there’s the excitement of starting a career and becoming independent.

Celebrate your graduate’s efforts and achievements with a gift they will always carry with them.


4 Reasons Why Color Diamond Jewelry Is The Perfect Graduation Gift

1. Choosing fine jewelry as a graduation gift is a gesture that recognizes the recipient is now mature and responsible enough to take care of something precious. 

2. Selecting fancy color diamonds is not only personal and meaningful. Such rare gems are likely to appreciate in value.

A selection of Lilac, Lavender and Violet diamonds from Langerman.

3. Diamond jewelry is long-lasting and has the potential to become a family heirloom.

4. Whereas it’s for an admission or a job interview, making a first good impression is key. Presentation is important, and diamond jewelry gives a polished feel to any outfit.


How to Pick Graduation Jewelry

Natural color diamonds come in hundreds of different shades and shapes.


Consider Their Lifestyle and Personality

You can’t go wrong with a classic, minimal design. Reserve bold jewelry and bright color combinations for graduates with a more adventurous style or an extroverted personality. If your graduate is into sports or has an active lifestyle, stay away from large or heavy accessories that could get in the way of their daily activities.

White or Yellow Gold?

Take notice of your graduate’s style and identify if they lean more towards silvery or golden accessories. If a preference is not evident, you can follow the skin tone rule of thumb: white gold for cooler undertones and yellow or rose gold for warm undertones.


Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds from Langerman.

Tell a Story With Colors

Select a fancy color diamond that has a meaning they can identify with or brings back a special memory. Of course, you can also go for their favorite colors or match that of their eyes.


Graduation Gifts Ideas for Her

A Colorful Pair of Diamond Stud Earrings


Personalize a pair of stud earrings with natural color diamonds of your preferred carat weight.

One of the most versatile earrings, diamond studs are a staple every woman should have in her jewelry box. They don’t typically get in the way of performing sports, which makes them an excellent choice for active or athletic women. For the sweet and romantic, the subtle hues of Old Rose and Lilac diamonds are a lovely match.

Langerman Diamonds has the largest collection of natural color diamonds.

Lime and Apricot are not only ingredients for a fruit salad, but the names of some of our natural color diamonds. These bright tones are ideal for graduates with a vibrant fashion sense. 


Her First Diamond Necklace

The One Necklace can be personalized by choosing the size and color of the diamond as well as the gold alloy.

The One Necklace can be personalized by choosing the size and color of the diamond and the gold alloy.

A solitaire diamond necklace can elevate any outfit. This piece is suited for everyday wear and can become a signature of her new grown-up look. 

The One Necklace is a bezel-set, round-cut natural color diamond necklace.

 The minimalist design of a single diamond necklace makes it easy to dress up or down for any occasion. Champagne diamonds have a neutral feel that will fit most styles.


A Fancy Color Diamond Cuff Bracelet

If you’re looking for something simple, a delicate diamond cuff might be the answer. Select Saffron diamonds to match yellow gold or Sky diamonds to compliment cool white gold—monochromatic jewelry is timeless.

Vivid Yellow Diamond Cuff Bracelet in 18Kt Yellow Gold.

The sleek design of the melee cuff bracelet means you can also go for loud colors without the risk of looking too extravagant. Pick complementary colors, create a rainbow, or ombré pattern, have fun, and don’t be afraid to be original.


A Stackable Ring to Kickstart Her Collection

The Line Ring is a fine eternity band that can be custom made with her favorite color diamonds.

Ring stacks are a popular way to style multiple, dainty rings and create different combinations every day. Playing around with your rings, fidgeting, and moving them from one finger to another throughout the day, can bring a sense of calm. Diamond stacking rings could be a luxurious tool to help your graduate ease some stress.


The One Ring from our made-to-order collection, is the perfect minimalist stacking ring.


Graduation Gifts Ideas for Him


The Classic Pair of Cufflinks

Bespoke cufflinks in 18Kt brushed white gold with black diamonds. 

This is a classic and functional gift for new graduates. They will probably attend more sophisticated events and find themselves in business environments requiring formal attire. Besides being a practical present, gifting cufflinks is a rite of passage that says “Congratulations” and “Welcome to the club.”


Men Rings for Every Style

Brushed white gold ring set with a 0.15 carat princess cut black diamond.

Men can style rings in many different ways. Wearing a ring on the thumb or the little finger is popular. Some men like to wear them on a necklace for a sporty look. Whichever way your graduate prefers to style it, a color diamond ring is a fresh, modern take on the traditional class ring.

Rough Lime Diamond set in a textured white gold band.


A Tennis Bracelet with Black Diamonds

Eternity bracelet with white and black diamonds.

Natural Black diamonds are combined with accent white diamonds in this unisex design that can be personalized to create a unique graduation gift for him.


A Diamond Embellished Accessory

Custom Aston Martin Interior with Champagne Diamonds by Langerman.


Not all men are used to wearing jewelry, and that’s ok. You can embellish many other metal items with natural color diamonds, from a classic money clip, a tie bar, a key chain for his new car—or the car itself. 

Contact us and we will be happy to personalize your graduation gift with a natural color diamond.


Explore our made-to-order collections or get in touch to create a bespoke piece for a unique graduation gift.