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Colors and Traditions

Colors and Traditions

At Langerman, we have an inspiring collection of natural color diamonds featuring over 300 unique hues. This presents endless possibilities to create unique combinations that convey a deeply personal message in a truly one-of-a-kind exclusive piece.

With such extensive variety, selecting the right palette to design a bespoke jewel can seem daunting. You might prefer a specific shade for no apparent reason, know very well the exact tone you’re looking for, or have no idea where to start.

Whether you wish to reward yourself with a sparkly piece or surprise a loved one with a colorful design, knowing the significance of colors can help you in your creative process.


The unspoken language of colors

Brilliant round cut diamonds in various colors

Many color associations can be traced back to natural sources and are embedded in our minds from an early age as we discover the world through our eyes. 

Red or yellow, for example, are often described with the same attributes of fire or the Sun, such as fiery or warm. The same can be said of cool tones. Blue is the color of the sky, which reflects into bodies of water; this is why we tend to perceive it as calm and relaxing.

0.52 CT Pear-shaped Indigo Blue diamond 

Depending on the climate and geographic conditions, each season is also linked to specific hues. 


0.10 CT Marquise cut Pumpkin diamond 

In the US and many Western cultures, Fall is defined by orange. Perhaps because of the pumpkin harvest or the changing landscape with yellowing leaves.  

0.19 CT Cushion cut Jonquile diamond

For tropical countries, Summer can be represented with vibrant shades such as Raspberry pink or Jonquile yellow. Probably inspired by the hot, sunny days or the colorful fruits of the season.

0.74 CT Radiant cut Raspberry Pink diamond

Pink can be seen as a toned-down version of red, more playful and innocent. This contributes to pink being described as sweet or girly. The color is naturally found in multiple flowers during Spring, when nature awakens and everything blooms.

0.44 CT Radiant cut Lime diamond 

Green is naturally linked to plants and abundant foliage, also to citrus fruits and attributes like acidity and freshness. But we also used it in expressions to denote envy, or even as a symbol for money in reference to the US dolar bill’s design.

Interpretations and uses of color are constantly evolving, influenced by our perception of the landscape surrounding us and the unique customs and traditions shaping different cultures.


Cultural interpretations of color


Empires and royal houses have ruled the world throughout history, and the heraldic colors used to represent them have left a mark on the perception of color.

Radiant cut Peacock Blue diamond

Blue is probably the first tone that comes to most people’s minds. The color is extremely rare in nature, and blue pigments and dyes were scarce long enough to become representative of nobility and wealth.

The House of Orange-Nassau is the current reigning house of the Netherlands, giving the color a unique, royal flare.

Spiritual meaning

Some colors are considered sacred and reserved for specific festivities, rituals, or celebrations. They can signify divine inspiration, enlightenment or represent a deity.

0.31 CT Pear cut Orange diamond

In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is a joyful celebration that welcomes the spirits of departed loved ones back into the world of the living. The bright orange Aztec Marigold flower covers cemeteries and decors houses, schools, and public buildings.

Natural Saffron diamond 

In India and other societies with a strong Hindu or Buddhist influence, the color saffron embodies sacrifice, light, and bravery.


Traditions represented by colors




Pink Mohogany diamond with reddish undertone 

Red is an interesting example. Most cultures see it as a color for love and passion, even sensual and provocative. But in many Asian cultures, red stands for good luck, long life, and happiness. It’s not unusual for brides in India and China to wear red dresses for their wedding day. Which would be considered a bizarre choice in the US and Europe, where the purity of white is the most popular choice.

New Year

Natural Marquise cut Blue diamond

The holiday season in the US and many European countries is represented by a combination of blue, silver, red, gold, and green. Popularized in movies and songs, this color mix is now found in many regions worldwide.

Natural Oval cut Auburn diamond

For the Chinese New Year, each sign of their zodiac is associated with distinctive tones. Depending on the year, you may find different accent colors. But in general, red and gold are the ultimate New Year combination. Red is the color for joy and happiness, and gold symbolizes wealth, good fortune, and prosperity.

Several people around the world believe that the color they wear on New Year's eve can help bring luck or attract specific things they are searching for. If you want some inspiration to choose your outfit and jewels to celebrate the start of 2023 below you will find a list of colors and what they are believed to attract for the year to come: 

  • Red: love and passion

  • Yellow: happiness and wisdom

  • Gold: money and prosperity 

  • Green: health and hope

  • Orange: confidence and courage

  • Pink: romance

  • Blue: tranquility

  • White: peace and harmony


Create your own meanings

Color can be a communication tool and carry special meaning to represent a personal journey or evoke a powerful memory. 

The culture you were brought up in or your religious beliefs may influence your particular perception of colors and how you associate them with certain moods, emotions, and traditions. 

Learning about symbolism from other cultures is fascinating and provides a great reference guide. But in the end, a particular shade of green or brown may have captured a moment in your life and forever bear a special meaning that is unique to you. 

Bring those special moments and feelings back using our natural color diamonds as your expression vehicle.

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