Wednesday 18 April 2018

For Blue Diamonds, the Sky is the Limit

For Blue Diamonds, the Sky is the Limit

One of the most majestic diamonds in history - The Farnese Blue - will debut at Sotheby’s, after having remained in the same family for over 300 years.  On May 15, this 6.16-carat pear shaped blue diamond will be up for sale in an estimate of US$ 3,690,000 - 5,270,000.

Just like Hope​, the Blue Heart, and Wittelsbach​, The Farnese Blue is, yes, a blue diamond.  And for blue diamonds, the sky’s the limit, as they are by nature, among the rarest natural color diamonds.  

So it’s no wonder the all-time record for a diamond per carat goes to - The Blue Moon, a 12.03 carat gem that was sold for $48.5 million at Sotheby’s Geneva, in 2015.  And according to the FCRF (Fancy Color Research Foundation) fancy blue diamonds rose 5.9% in 2017.

End of 2017 showed that demand for blue diamond continued to be on the rise.  A pear-shaped, fancy intense blue diamond, 4.03 carats, was sold for $3.6 million at Bonhams Fine Jewelry sale in London.  And for other amazing blue diamonds sold, check out our previous article.

Moving on to 2018, love for blue diamonds stays strong. On April 3, a step-cut fancy blue diamond weighing 14.18 carats, within a surround of brilliant-cut diamonds of pink tint, was presented for sale ($ 5,9 million) ​at Sotheby’s, Hong Kong.

Blue diamonds tend to have a higher degree of clarity than other colors.  And ​range of blues varies from faint to deep dark blue, as many are modified with secondary grey tone, making natural blue diamonds with exceptional saturation and brilliance extremely rare​.  

Naming a color remains subjective as various issues are met with the ​grading of certain hues.  
But whether grayish blue, greenish blue, turquoise, or aquamarine, blue diamonds are true wonders of the nature. And surely, they’ll continue to capture the hearts of many and be treasured by all - from royalty to investors - for more centuries to come.


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