Monday 10 July 2023

Green Diamonds vs. Green Colored Stones

Renewal, growth, and vitality are all concepts associated with the most abundant color in nature: green. It’s known to evoke feelings of calm and relaxation and create a sense of harmony and balance when used in interior design. 

In the gemstone world, emeralds and peridots are some of the most well-known green stones. However, natural diamonds are also found in multiple shades of green, presenting an exciting opportunity for jewelry designers to incorporate green into their designs in new ways.

What Are Fancy Green Diamonds?

In diamonds, color results from a fantastic combination of events that occur during the stone’s formation when its crystalline structure interacts with atoms of other minerals. For example, nitrogen traces are known to be responsible for yellow and orange diamonds, and the presence of boron atoms results in blue diamonds.  

However, natural Green diamonds owe their captivating hues to their long-term exposure to gamma rays. This unusual contact with radiation created an astonishing variety of cool and warm-toned Green diamonds. Nonetheless, Green diamonds are safe to use and wear as they are not radioactive nor have been in contact with gamma rays for hundreds of thousands of years.

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Every Shade of Green

Whether you’re looking for a unique stone to create a bespoke piece or you’re a designer who needs to source natural color diamonds, you will find the perfect Green diamonds at Langerman Diamonds.


Bronze Diamonds
1.13 ct Pear-shape Bronze diamond
1.47 Radiant cut Bronze diamond
Olive Diamonds
1.25 ct Heart-shaped Olive VS1 diamond
0.41 ct Olive modified brilliant cut VS diamond
Mint Diamonds
0.61 ct Mint Cushion cut VS diamond
0.51 ct Oval cut vs Lime diamond

Green Diamonds vs Other Green Gemstones



Found around the world in multiple locations from Afghanistan to Zambia, emeralds are the green variety of the mineral beryl. Coveted by their deep color, emeralds score 7.5 to 8.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which makes them prone to scratches and chipping. They are also naturally porous and full of tiny cracks and notches, which is considered part of their charm. Emeralds are often polished as cabochons or cut following the step-cut canon to reduce the potential for damage. Due to their delicate nature, many jewelers don’t recommend using emeralds as a center stone for engagement rings.

Like all diamonds, natural Green diamonds score a 10 on the Mohs scale; they are the hardest mineral which means they are very resistant to scratches and breakage.



A type of green garnet, tsavorite is valued due to its intense green color. However, with a score of 7 to 7.5, tsavorites have a lower hardness than emeralds making them even less durable and resistant to everyday wear.

Tsavorites can be cut in brilliant shapes but their refractive index is significantly lower than that of diamonds, meaning it will sparkle less than a diamond cut under the same standards.



Also known as chrysolite, peridot is another popular green gemstone. They are affordable and readily available, which makes them a popular choice for casual and everyday jewelry.

Fancy green diamonds offer more tonalities than peridots, unparalleled brilliance, durability, and a much higher value.


Selecting a Fancy Green Diamond

Our olive melee diamonds glow with a luscious green sparkle shining through each facet

For a tiny colorful accent, opt for our melee diamonds. They will elevate any piece with a dainty dash of green. 

Three-stone Olive diamond ring in yellow gold

The warmth of Olive and Bronze diamonds is accentuated by yellow gold.

Bespoke Lime diamond pendant with a double Pink halo set in rose gold 

Mint and Lime diamonds love complementary colors like that of our Pink and Lavender diamonds. Yellow is analogous to Green, which also makes an attractive pairing. 

Lime diamond set in a yellow gold pendant with a Yellow diamond double halo

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The sparkle of a green diamond combined with its hardness, durability, rarity, and value, make it an exceptional stone to add to your collection. Their beauty and attributes cannot be matched by other popular green gemstones.

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