Friday 08 April 2022

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Diamond Gift Guide

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Diamond Gift Guide

One of the biggest joys in life is to make someone else smile. And what better way to bring joy than with a thoughtfully chosen present. Gift-giving is truly an art to master. It’s no easy task to find that ideal gift that hides surprising little details which will impress the recipient. And for Mother’s Day, the stakes are high. What can you give to the woman who has given you everything? Nothing seems to ever be enough to express your love and gratitude for her unconditional support, and endless patience. 

How about something as unique as she is? A Langerman diamond is bright, exceptional, and one-of-a-kind, just like her. Our natural color diamonds make for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. She will wear them with pride and treasure them for years to come.

For this Mother’s Day Gift Guide, we have curated a selection of our bespoke and made-to-order pieces to inspire you. Explore our edit and find the right present for her.


4 Timeless Color Diamond Jewelry Gifts For Mother’s Day


  1. Color Diamond Stud Earrings


Color Diamond Earring Studs from Langerman’s “The One” Collection

 We love diamond studs. Every woman should have a pair in their jewelry box. Stud earrings are also a great option for active lifestyles.

Natural Green Diamond Stud Earrings with Halo

Go for Pumpkin diamonds to remind her of that sunset by the beach, when the whole family got together for that Caribbean trip. Maybe Olive diamonds to honor her Italian roots. Or a Burgundy for the French wine lover. 

Possibilities are endless. And with over 350 hues, you will find the perfect fancy color diamond to symbolize a notable chapter of her life, or to represent her character.


2. A Color Diamond Necklace


Solitaire Color Diamond Necklaces from “The One” Collection

 From the chain to the diamond itself; you can personalize this piece to compliment her skin tone or the color of her eyes. Solitaire diamond necklaces are great to create a luxurious layered look. Make it a complete set together by matching it with a pair of stud earrings.

18K White and Rose Gold Pendant with a Cushion-Cut Pink Diamond and Double Halo


If a dainty, minimal design is not her style, then go bigger with a diamond pendant like this one. A 1.50 carat light pink cushion cut diamond is surrounded by a spectacular double halo of melee diamonds—a piece that will for sure impress her.

3. A Color Diamond Bracelet


Tennis Bracelets With Fancy Color Diamond Accents


Go for a classic tennis bracelet but add a little twist. These elegant designs feature beautiful pops of color that sparkle curiosity. Add her favorite tones, or represent each son or daughter with a natural color diamond. Create unique, contrasting, colorful combinations.

Champagne Diamond Cuff Bracelet in 18K Rose Gold


Champagne Diamonds have that versatile hue that can be styled with all kinds of looks and adds a subtle sparkle.


4. A Color Diamond Ring

Gorgeous 18K Rose Gold Ring with Burgundy, Champagne, and Old Rose Diamonds


A family ring to represent each member with a different color diamond is a creative gift. She will love the idea of having her dearest with her wherever she goes.

The One Ring is a Minimalist Color Diamond Solitaire She Will Love


This diamond solitaire ring can be personalized with ten different stone colors and three gold alloys. Select a diamond from 0.10 to 0.50 carats to create the perfect Mother’s Day gift.


A Brilliant Way To Give Her Flowers This Mother’s Day

Every woman loves to be surprised with flowers. But what she won’t guess is that this year’s bouquet will be made of sparkling, natural color diamonds.


Yellow Diamond Flower Stud Earrings

This gorgeous pair of earrings features a sparkling round-cut, colorless diamond center, surrounded by seven bright petals made of Yellow diamonds. 


Luxurious Canary Yellow Diamond Flower Earrings


A variation on the last design, this pair of diamond earrings also features brilliant Canary Yellow diamonds as petals, but an additional row of white diamonds frames the flowers. These diamonds are organically arranged, creating curves that allow for the stones to sparkle in all directions.


Diamond Vine Ring 

This incredible ring features a vine with two pear-cut diamonds for leaves, surrounding a mirror-polished band. A design inspired by nature that can be personalized with her favorite colors.


Diamond Necklace With Double-Sided Pendant


In the front, an extraordinary 1 carat oval Canary Yellow diamond is surrounded by Blush Pink diamond petals. And for a more casual design, the back features a four-leaf clover made of colorless diamonds. This practical gift can be worn for different occasions.

All our pieces are made to order. Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that the gift will be with you in time for Mother’s Day. We look forward to hearing from you.

Celebrate the special women in your life with Langerman Diamonds.