Friday 19 January 2018

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


Diamonds are known to be symbols of love, but when it comes to natural color diamonds, these symbols become particularly precious and unique.

Browsing through our collection of jewelry, you might find some inspiration for the gift of her dreams.

Natural Diamonds Earrings with Removable Halo - Langerman Diamonds Natural Diamonds Earrings with Removable Halo - Langerman Diamonds

Stud earrings are the perfect idea for an impressive and memorable Valentine gift.

They can either be quite simple for a daily look or more sophisticated with an entourage of melee diamonds.

And if you don’t know which style your loved one would prefer, you can have both! Indeed, we can make a customizable pair of stud earrings with a removable halo of small diamonds.

 Earrings with Removable Halo - Langerman Diamonds 

Of course, the center stone doesn’t have to be a color diamond: you can go for a colorless diamond surrounded by melee diamonds of any color. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

At Langerman Diamonds, we will be there to help you create what you have in mind: if you find the perfect tone of color in our collection of natural color diamonds, we will find the matching stone. Then we will design and make your pair of earrings just in time for Valentine’s Day.




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