Friday 07 April 2023

Fluorescence 2

If about 30% of colourless diamonds fluoresce, it is the case for 60% to 100% of natural colour diamonds! This percentage varies according to the colour and the origin of the stones. Most pink diamonds, for instance, fluoresce. This is the case for a vast majority of the stones coming from the Argyle mine, whatever their colour.

Very few studies have been published on the subject. This is why, at Langerman Diamonds, we have done our own research. Here we present exclusive pictures of what we have observed.

Contrary to fluorescence in colourless diamonds, which is mostly blue, fluorescence in natural coloured diamonds can be any colour.  As can be seen above, the colour of the fluorescence does not follow any rule. For instance, a blue coloured diamond can reveal a yellow glow as well as a green one.

Natural colour diamonds show  a more or less strong fluorescence. For some of them, fluorescence is intrinsic to the colour. It is a completely natural phenomenon. With this in mind, fluorescence should not be considered negative on the value of the stone as long as it doesn’t show a milky aspect.